The Northern Affluence Anarchy Center

Every form of extrapersonal racism

  1. ethnic T1 racism (e.g. white/black supremacy) - ethnic minority deportation/extermination (deletion of particular races from history).
  2. ethno-national T2 racism (objectively value racial diversity) - sustainable immigration (demographic maintenance; racial preservation).
  3. ethno-global T3 racism (brown supremacy/subjectively value racial diversity) - ethnic minority importation/replacement (deletion of existing races from history; creation of a single global race).

Every form of interpersonal racism

  1. denigrate based on perceived inferiority.
  2. discriminate based on procreative preference (e.g. objectively value racial diversity).
  3. denigrate/discriminate based on perceived inequity/historic grievance (affirmative action).
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