Alien: Covenant - Concept Art

The following Promethus 2: Paradise ("Alien: Covenant") concept art was published on (March-May 2013): - Prometheus 2 Fanart Thread - Prometheus backstory (P2 plot)

"This draft storyboard gives a possible backstory to Prometheus, and provides a plot for P2:"

Civilisation Celebrating Arrival Before Being Terminated (14 March 2013, 10 May 2013)
"Part 1- the birth of the Artificial God"

Sleeping Colonists (14 March 2013)
"Part 2 - the formation of the Angelic Servants (created by the demi-god to destroy its biological parents)"

Hooded And Cape Theme (14 March, 9 May 2013)
"Part 3 - The heretic (a genetic mutation leads an angelic servant astray)"

Desolate Region After Death (8 May 2013)

Xenomorph Release In Underground Chamber (14 March 2013)
"Part 5 - the Release of the Xenomorph to punish the heretics"

Prometheus Chronicles Inside (23 March 2013)
"I imagine P2 being horror with lots of strobe lights"

English Movie Poster (25 April 2013)

Japanese Movie Poster (25 April 2013)